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Our Fees

We charge a fee for preparing individual and business tax returns to ensure that we can provide you with accurate, reliable, and professional tax services. Our fees cover the costs associated with experienced tax professionals, software, compliance with complex tax laws, software compliance and the time and effort required to meticulously review and prepare your returns. This ensures that you receive the best possible tax assistance, helping you minimize tax liabilities and maximize potential refunds while staying in compliance with the ever-changing tax regulations.

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Single and Head of Household  Tax Preparation

Individual and Head of Household returns are tax filings for individuals who are not married. These returns do not include any self-employment income, Schedule C forms, or content related to business ownership.

This is The Starting Fee, Depending on the complexity of your filings the fee can increase

$249.00  W2 with No Dependents

$399.00  W2 with Dependents 

$149.00  College Students (w/part time job)

$449.00  Married Filers

$149.00   Seniors (Over Age 65)

Unlimited W2's
Unlimited Dependents
Audit Protection Available
Option To File Now and Pay Later
State Tax Prep fees are included with all Federal Filings

Small Business, Self-Employed and Schedule C Filers:

To successfully file and submit your Small Business, Schedule C, and/or Self-Employed tax returns, it is imperative to include both a Profit/Loss Statement and verifiable proof of purchase receipts.

This is The Starting Fee, Depending on the complexity of your filings the fee can increase

$649.00 Individual

$749.00 Married

Both prices include up to 1 Schedule C for Individuals, and Up to 2 Schedule c's for Married Couples

(There is an additional charge if you have more than two schedule C's)

Unlimited W2's
Unlimited Dependents
Audit Protection Available
Option To File Now and Pay Later
State Filing Fees included with Federal Filing

Additional Tax Prep Charges:

"Additional Fees" refers to any additional costs or charges beyond the standard fees associated with a service or product. These charges may vary depending on specific circumstances, customization, or optional add-ons, and it's essential to understand them to make informed financial decisions.

Each additional 1098 (Over 2): $10.00

Real Estate Investors: $100 Per Property

Sold Crypto and/or Stocks: $45.00 Per Form

Each additional Schedule C $100.00

Amended Returns: 

If We Made A Mistake: $0.00

If You Made The Mistake: $349.00

If Your Return Was Prepared By A Different Company or Preparer Outside of our office: $449

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Corporate Returns:

Our corporate tax return pricing is designed to provide businesses with cost-effective solutions that cater to their specific needs. We offer competitive rates and transparent pricing, ensuring that you receive high-quality corporate tax services without breaking the bank. Our experienced professionals work closely with you to determine a pricing structure that aligns with the complexity and size of your business, making sure you get the most value for your investment in corporate tax compliance.

S-Corp: $799.00

1065 Partnership: $549.99

C-Corp: $1199.00

Additional Services

Bookkeeping: $299 Per Month (Plus a One set up fee of $149.00)

Bookkeeping is like keeping a diary for money, where you write down and organize all the transactions a business makes to understand how much money is coming in and going out. 

Quarterly Tax Filings: $249 Per Quarter

Federal quarterly filings are like report cards for businesses. Just as you have report cards to track your school performance, businesses have to send in reports to the government every three months to show how much money they've earned, what they've spent, and how much they owe in taxes. It's a way for the government to keep tabs on businesses and make sure they're paying the right amount of taxes throughout the year, kind of like how your school keeps track of your grades to see how you're doing.

LLC Entity Formation + EIN: $199 (Plus State Filing Fee)

Forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) is like creating a special club for your business. It's a way to protect your personal stuff, like your car or savings, in case something goes wrong with the business. Imagine you and your friends start a club, and each of you is responsible for a part of the club's money and decisions. That's kind of what an LLC does for a business—it separates the business's money and responsibilities from your personal life, which can be really helpful for keeping things organized and safe.

S-Corp LLC Entity Formation + EIN: $249 (Plus State Filing Fee)

An S-corp LLC is like a super special club for your business. It's a way to organize your business that can save you money on taxes. Imagine you have a club with your friends, and in this club, you get to choose how you want to pay taxes. With an S-corp LLC, you can often pay less in taxes because you only have to pay them on the money you actually take home as a salary, not on all the money the club makes. It's like having a cool tax-saving option for your business club!

C-Corp Entity Formation + EIN: $299 (Plus State Filing Fee)

A C-corp is like a big, official company club. When you form a C-corp for your business, it becomes a separate entity that can make money, own stuff, and pay taxes on its own. It's like giving your business its own identity, and the cool thing is that it can have lots of owners (shareholders) who own little pieces of it. But, just like a big club, it has to pay its own taxes, and sometimes you might have to pay taxes again when you take money out of the club. So, it's like a formal, big-business setup where you and other people can own parts of it and run it together.

Use Us As Your Registered Agent: $99 Per Year

A registered agent is a designated individual or entity responsible for receiving legal and official documents on behalf of a business entity, such as a corporation or LLC. This agent ensures that the business stays informed about important legal matters, such as lawsuits, tax notices, and government correspondence, helping the entity remain compliant with state and federal regulations while facilitating timely responses to legal issues.

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